If you’re looking for an easy, protein packed, one pan meal to have on rotation each week, you’re in the right place! These lettuce wraps are perfect for lunch or dinner, and a great recipe to double for meal prep! 

My idea of “comfort food” looks like an extra large pot of piping hot chicken noodle soup, loaded with all the fresh veggies, on a cold rainy Sunday. This recipe is far from difficult and is a staple for meal prep in the colder months! 

One Bowl Whole Wheat Banana Bread

When I’m sick of the same oatmeal for breakfast, this is the recipe I go back to without fail every single time. This granola is so easy to make and can be customized to your preferences or cravings, perfect for when you need a little something sweet and energizing!

The perfect slightly sweet fall recipe that’s also high in fiber to satisfy your hunger. The beauty of these baked apples is that they really can be enjoyed any time of day!

These brownies may be gluten free, but they are by no means lacking in sugar and decadence. The perfect easy dessert for your next get together or for when you’re in need of a little something sweet post dinner.

A take on my classic everything bagel bites but with a little something extra in the center. A great high protein snack to switch things up during the week!

Four ingredient high protein bagel bites. The start of a never ending series that is making air fryer recipes suck a little bit less. 

On a mission to save you from the never ending cycle that is plain, dry, grilled chicken for meal prep. Try this popcorn chicken first, thank me later.

Sometimes you need a little something sweet that is also satisfying and won’t make you crash later, enter: AIR FRYER GLAZED DONUT HOLES!

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